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Levitas Clinic London

Levitas Clinic is a medical practice that specializes in Human Optimisation & Longevity. The specialism involves applying interventions to optimize cellular function and decelerate decline. Cellular decline leads to dysfunction, disorder, disease and ultimately aging. 

Human Optimisation Medicine looks at the nine key hallmarks of aging cells and uses modern and often natural interventions to mitigate risk. 

The work involves fixing the root cause of issues and therefore influences all disorders; acute or longstanding; psychological or physical. 

The key principles of longevity management is based on detoxification, repair, and renewal.

Levitas works with areas such as:

  • Gut bargain axis, such as the microbiome

  • Metabolic imbalance, such as Bio-Identical Hormones

  • Brain optimization and Mitochondria function

  • Detoxification pathways, including autophagy and heavy metal detox 

  • Immune modulation and the management of inflammation, and/or stealth infection

  • Regenerative Aesthetics, including PRP, Carboxy Therapy and Exosomes

  • Sports Medicine, including Medical Shockwave Therapy

The practice’s experience now extends over a decade and continues to develop work in Human Optimisation to evolve and improve the treatment options to best serve the individual person’s needs. Further advancing the study of longevity medicine, Levitas has supported the launch of its own Levitas Academy, a specialist training center supporting the advancement of Human Optimisation and Longevity Medicine.