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Laser Pricelist

Laser Facials

Carbon Laser Facial – R850

Premium Carbon Facial – R1600

A carbon laser facial deeply cleanses the skin, reduces acne, and tightens pores, reduces wrinkles, leaving it brighter and smoother with minimal downtime.

Skin Rejuvenation – R750

Premium Skin Rejuvenation – R1500

A Skin Rejuvenation facial targets any pigmentation issues, reduces wrinkles, and smoothes out skin tone and texture leaving it brighter and smoother with minimal downtime.

* All facials include cleanse, jelly mask, SPF

* Premium facials include Skin Brightening IV infusion (Glutathione + Vit C)

Laser Tattoo Removal

1-3 cm – R450

4-10cm – R850

11-20cm – R1200

21-30cm – R1700

31-40cm – R2200

Laser Hair Removal

Full Leg – R750

Half Leg – R600

Full arm – R600

Half arm – R400

Full face – R300

Basic Bikini – R350

Hollywood – R450

Stomach line/ Nipples – R200

Underarms – R350

laser special
laser special


  • Microblading 
  • Nano brows 
  • Powder/ombre Brows 
  • Lip Blushing 
  • Lashes ( classic set ) 
  • Brow or Lash lamination 
  • Brow or Lash tint 


The process
When coming in to get your brows tattooed we work with our clients on their expectations and their preferences are
we start off by mapping out your eyebrows to get them symmetrical and a preferred shape that most compliment your facial structure and discuss pigment color that matches your natural hair
Once the client and technician are happy we then go ahead with numbing the brow area to reduce any discomfort through the procedure

Microblading VS Powder/ombré brows

Both these treatments are semi-permanent meaning annual touch-ups are recommended to maintain your brows looking vibrant
Microblading lasts up to 1year
Powder/ombré brows last for almost 2years

Powder brows are a semi-permanent makeup tattoo technique designed to create fuller eyebrows with a soft powder effect similar to a powder makeup look, the tail of the brow is darker and closer to the bulb of the brow gets lighter(ombré effect). This technique is achieved with a digital tattoo machine and is suitable for all skin types

Microblading uses a blade-shaped tool with a row of tiny, barely visible needles to create hair-like strokes along your brows while depositing pigment into your skin.
The result? Realistic fuller-looking brow hairs. This technique may not be the best option for oilier skin types as pigment may fade faster

The healing and touch-up process
Your brows will take a full 4 weeks to heal completely. The first 10 days are most important in your healing process- while everyone’s results might differ depending on lifestyle, skin type, daily routines, etc. It is vital to follow the aftercare and be patient with your results.
A 4-6 week touch-up is recommended to fill in any gaps that may have been missed as your brows will lighten or fade after the initial session it will also ensure longevity and vibrancy of your gorgeous brows

Total procedure time 3hrs


microblading cape town
About our PMU Artist:

Amina is a qualified Permanent Make Up artist with a previous background in art and design. Amina specializes in Microblading, her exceptional skill and attention to detail make her a great artist. Feel free to pop her a message on the WhatsApp number below if you have any queries about this procedure.