IV Lounge in Cape Town
Bonolo Mokoka
Bonolo Mokoka
The best IV experience I’ve ever had, it was incredible ! The staff are so friendly and well informed. Intimate, private and safe setting. Would highly recommend trying them out !
Blanca Phirie
Blanca Phirie
First time getting a skin brightening (glow) drip...The staff was very informative and not misleading. Also fact that they medically trained and theres doctors to help with assessment if you are unsure or have health issues. Beautiful experience relaxed environment ... definitely going back again ☺️
Romy Pearson
Romy Pearson
Swear by this place and their IV drips! I used to take vitamins daily (turmeric, Vit C, Zinc, omega) and still got sick every 4 - 6 weeks. I’ve been doing the drips occasionally for the last few months and haven’t been sick!
Christoph Schwarz
Christoph Schwarz
Had a great experience, the service was amazing & i would definitely go back! The staff seems very competent.
Sophia Frisbie
Sophia Frisbie
Fantastic experience, extremely knowledgeable staff
The service these guys provide is excellent. They are super professional, friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I genuinely felt energised after the IV after feeling quite weak and ill the last couple of days. Highly recommend!
Salie Jacobs
Salie Jacobs
Really an awesome experience, great service and very attentative. Already busy make my next booking..Thanks alot Dylan and Amina Regards Salie Jacobs
CannaHealth South Africa
CannaHealth South Africa
I can’t express enough in words, the beauty of supplementing IV drips, for my health. I can tell you loudly, that my body loves the boost it gets from ‘The Whole 9 Yards’ infusion and I take full advantage of it. I now run half marathons every weekend and train everyday. My body is operating optimally for the first time in its life, at age 51 years old. Highly Recommended. The owner and staff are 100% genuine and informed on IV infusions, to help you make the right decision for your health.
Pranav Ramkilawan
Pranav Ramkilawan
As a doctor, I was extremely skeptical of this entire industry but these guys actually seem to know what they are doing. I still believe healthy lifestyle (especially diet) are paramount; but premium services like this do have some promise if delivered thoughtfully like GenX does.


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2nd Floor, Lifestyle on Kloof,

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Medical Facility

Medical Facility

Welcome to our IV Lounge in Cape Town!

Gen-X is a private Vitamin Infusion Lounge located in Claremont, Cape Town.  We provide our infusions in a clean, sterile, consistently sanitized environment between appointments. We also run a Medical Grade Ionizer which sanitizes the air from viruses, bacteria, and pollutants.

Doctors and Nutritionist
Doctors & Nutritionists

Our Infusions are administered by an on-site doctor, they are exceptionally skilled in putting IV lines in patients. This means no being poked and prodded multiple times until a vein is found. We also have numbing cream on hand if you are worried about the slight discomfort when the needle is going in. We do everything in our power to ensure you have a pleasant and safe experience. We have an on-site nutritionist who specializes in vitamin infusion therapy who will help you advise you on what infusions are best for you.

safe procedures

Vitamin Infusions are exceptionally safe but not without risk, Things like drip speed is very important as giving a person fluids at a rate that is too fast can have serious side effects. All our drips are monitored and run at medically approved SAFE flow rates. An Infusion should NEVER be rushed.

our infusions

Our Infusions

At GenX IV Lounge in Cape Town, our infusions are Pharmaceutical Grade. They are compounded by a leading compounding pharmacy with rigorous standards to ensure that the purity and quality of the infused vitamins.

Storage of the infusions is vital as they need to be temperature controlled. Loadshedding in South Africa is a unique challenge, Fortunately for us we have round the clock back up generators and our refrigeration is carefully monitored to ensure the infusions are constantly kept at correct temperatures.

All our formulations and procedures are overseen by our medical team and run through qualified physicians. Our infusions are designed and formulated in consultation with Doctors and Pharmacists to provide our clients with cutting edge custom formulations that are safe effective for their intended purpose.

Mobile IV – Call Out Service 

We are now offering a call-out service. Exclusive service for those clients who want to get an infusion in the comfort of their home or hotel room. Contact us for more information on this service. Our team consists of a Medical Doctor and Clinic Staff who will come to you.

Why IV Therapy?

IV therapies are designed to provide your body with vitamins, nutrients, fluids, electrolytes, and anti-oxidants that you require. Because our IV therapies are 100% absorbed, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated immediately after your visit, unlike traditional oral supplements. 

Through intravenous (IV) therapy, specific nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream. The method is considered one of the best methods for providing nutrients and healing the body. A variety of micronutrients, including amino acids, trace minerals, and vitamins, have been delivered via IV therapy. An IV therapy provides emotional wellness (anxiety & depression), mental clarity & cognitive function, improved immune health, boosted energy, accelerated healing, asthma & allergy relief, and increased recovery. Phone us today for your Drip Therapy in cape town.

  • Boosts your immune system ​
  • 100% Absorption of vitamins
  • Boosts your energy
  • Helps with age management
  • Improves mood
  • Helps with treating upper respiratory conditions
  • Antioxidant Boost
  • Helps fight fatigue
  • Minimize Anxiety
  • Helps with Hangovers
  • Helps to rehydrate
  • Improve athletic performance

More information about IV therapy


When speaking about vitamin drips infusions there is a vast range of benefits that people can experience. IV infusions are administered directly into the vein, which means that the vitamins will be 100% absorbed into the body. Physicians believe that Iv therapy is safe and effective. Vitamin infusions can be custom-made to fit the individual’s needs and requirements.

Vitamin infusions can give you a whole host of benefits. Some people may feel an improvement in well-being and a boost in energy. Some people say they feel more alert and some say they sleep better. There is good scientific evidence that some vitamins such as B12 which is involved in carbohydrate metabolism. A deficiency of B12 can lead a person to feel fatigued. If you’re feeling tired come and try an iv drip in cape town.

Vitamin infusions are powerful treatments, they can help to boost the immune system and improve your overall health. High doses of vitamins and minerals can help to support the immune system and thus prevent and assist with treating certain illnesses. For example, VitaminC and zinc which are vital for the function of the immune system. When we get sick our bodies become depleted of these vitamins and minerals. In order to mount a full immune response dosing the body with sufficient amounts of specific vitamins can assist in the body’s ability to fight infection.

There have been studies that have suggested that the use of high-dose vitamin c is effective in the treatment of certain types of cancer such as ovarian cancer. High-dose vitamin C has also been used in a hospital setting when treating patients with severe respiratory bacterial and viral infections.

Additionally, vitamin infusions are being used to treat things such as allergies, asthma and Alzheimer’s disease, and much more. Our IV Lounge in Claremont Cape Town will give you a boost from within.

Our range of drips includes detox infusions, Jet Fuel which is sometimes referred to as a banana bag, immune-boosting drips, detoxing iv’s and energy boosting drips.

If you are ready to get a boost from within come visit our iv Lounge in cape town.


IV Lounge in Cape Town